Trump Tweets Warning Of “Civil War” Causing OUTRAGE, But He Isn’t Wrong And The Media Knows It. In a statement made on Fox news Pastor Robert Jeffress warned that impeachment of Donald Trump would cause a “civil war like fracture” that this country could not heal from. Trump quoted this and posted it to twitter sparking national twitter trends and outrage among the left and even some on the right. But while we can criticize the president for quoting Jeffress and for his use of twitter, the quote itself is not wrong.

For years the media has presented stories about a second civil war or civil war 2. In one story from 2017 they even claimed that some security experts believe there is a 95% chance of a civil war in the US in the next 5 to 15 years. So why then are they mad at the president for now stating similar rhetoric that was pushed by outlets like the New Yorker?

It’s a media double standard, they can report on this and ask these questions but as soon as the president says something similar they called it Russian propaganda. An analyst for CNN did just that. While I think the President should be held to a higher standard than the press the issue is how they frame everything he tweets or says as cause for MORE division. When the media pushes the fake news for clicks we see the democrats chase after and it just makes the divide worse. Meanwhile the far left agrees with Trump and thinks civil war is already here, at least some on the far left do.

Trump Warns Of Civil War If Impeached .


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