Once again, the taxpayer-funded ABC has proved both that it is irredeemably biased, and that so-called “fact-checkers” are in reality invariably left-wing propaganda.

The ABC and its “fact-checking” unit have teamed up to “fact-check” Scott Morrison’s speech to the UN. Morrison hit back at the UN for banning Australia (along with other nations) from its latest climate gabfest – while handing a platform to mega-polluters like China and India, to demand more and more of our money.

To their obvious chagrin, Morrison was right on every major point. Except the ABC can’t bring themselves to plainly admit as much, so they resort to their usual gambit: fudge and mislead.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has taken to the international stage to hammer the message that Australia is “taking real action on climate change and we are getting results […]the facts simply don’t fit the narrative they wish to project about our contribution”.

Which is the worst possible heresy, to the far-green-left, anti-Australian ABC.

Here is our take on some of the key claims made by Mr Morrison in his speech.

“Australia is taking real action on climate change and we are getting results.”

[…]As Fact Check has previously noted, the Coalition’s “Direct Action” emissions reduction fund has played a positive, albeit modest, part in keeping a lid on emissions.

So Morrison is correct.

Scott Morrison 1, ABC 0.

“By 2020, Australia will have overachieved on our Kyoto commitments, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 367 million tonnes more than required to meet our 2020 Kyoto target.”

The [Department of the Environment and Energy] has estimated Australia will have reduced its emissions by some 376 million tonnes more than required over the eight years to 2020, thereby meeting its Kyoto obligations. This is consistent with Mr Morrison’s claim.

But Australia’s success has had little to do with Coalition policies.

Morrison never said that it did. He simply, correctly, stated that Australia is exceeding its Kyoto target.

This is the most common gambit “fact-checkers” use to deceive: taking something their target didn’t say, and “fact-checking” that, instead of what they actually said.

Scott Morrison 2, ABC 0.

“Our latest estimates show both emissions per person and the emissions intensity of the economy are at their lowest levels in 29 years.”

This is correct. Because Australia’s population has been increasing, emissions per capita have been falling, and are currently at the lowest levels since 1990.

Again, all Morrison said that Australia’s per capita emissions have fallen – which is correct.

In fact, look how the ABC tries to have an each-way bet, while deliberately deceiving its readers.

As experts have previously told Fact Check, what counts as far as the Earth’s atmosphere — and international agreements — are concerned is the total level of emissions […] Moreover, while Australia’s emissions per capita have fallen, they remain among the highest in the world.

So, which matter? Per capita, or total? If it’s total emissions, then why do the ABC and their watermelon chums continually hype Australia’s per capita emissions? Because Australia’s total emissions are minuscule. Australia accounts for just over 1% of the world’s emissions. China emits more carbon dioxide in 20 days than Australia does in a year.

Scott Morrison 3, ABC 0.

“Australia’s electricity sector is producing less emissions. In the year to March 2019, emissions from Australia’s electricity sector were 15.7 per cent lower than the peak recorded in the year to June 2009.”

This is correct, but it has little to do with the policies of the Morrison Government.

Once again, that is not something that Morrison actually said. Stick to what he said, ABC watermelons, and stop trying to distract attention by attacking things he didn’t say.

Indeed, the ABC grudgingly concedes that Morrison didn’t actually go far enough in highlighting Australia’s progress:

Using the raw data […]this was, as Mr Morrison points out, 15.7 per cent lower than the 211.3 million tonnes produced over the year to June 2009.

(If the seasonally adjusted, “weather normalised” data is used, the decline is even bigger).


So, it’s game, set and match, with Scott Morrison 4, ABC 0.

It just kills these taxpayer-funded watermelons to admit that a conservative prime minister is right and that Australia is doing more for the environment than any number of sour-faced Swedish brats. But that doesn’t change the facts.


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