By Saggy

Listen to this Morning Report interview of the prime minister by Suzy Ferguson. You can hear in Ardern’s voice that she’s lying and that she’s aware that she isn’t sounding credible.

The problem with lying is that you have to remember your story. The more lies, the more likely you’re going to trip yourself up. Robertson is lying too. When asked if he’d been told about the sexual assault accusations he replied: “Not from the victims”. When pressed he doubled down on his initial response.

If Robertson knew and didn’t inform the PM, then he should go. If he did inform her, then she should go. They’re all lying. As is Haworth. And the accused is digging in for a fight.
I feel for the victims; they’ve been treated terribly. Ardern wasted no time showing up for the mosque victims, but won’t do so for her own party members.