By David

Dancing with the stars required fancy footwork but fancy wordplay is required by our Prime Minister to avoid an outright lie.

The BFD recently quoted Kiwiblog: “she really didn’t know?”. That question is missing the point. Our PM has a degree in obfuscation. In her mind, she never lies. She sure as hell misleads. She is very bad (obvious) at it but she seems to get away with it. She ‘answers’ a different question to that which she is asked.  

Its like Winston Peters holding up a sign saying “No”. Did he say “no”? No he didn’t.  

When Ardern was asked how many emails she got on the immigration scandal she said, “I got one email that said ….”    She also no doubt got 20 others that were much more incriminating.

When she was asked when she was first told about the current scandal, she said, “I didn’t read about it until this Monday”. I suspect that is also a lie, but it’s one she can sustain. It wasn’t what she was asked and it wasn’t what is now being reported.  Kiwiblog and the MSM are reporting her as saying that she wasn’t told about it till Monday. That would be a lie. Our PM doesn’t lie – she said so herself.

Credit SB