On Monday on The BFD, writer WH highlighted some of the words of Jacinda Ardern’s Maiden Speech where she said,

“Today I will share with members the words that I wish to haunt me: my values and beliefs, and the things that have brought me here. I do so in the hope that should I ever abandon them, I will have the good grace to leave.

These are not the only words that have come back to haunt her: Jacinda should have a listen to her own words at 2:40 in her now infamous “Comrade Jacinda” speech.

“As a movement we have not won […] I mean that within our own organisations we are still fighting for our principles there too. And as long as we are in a place where we come to ‘IUSY’  (‘International Union of Socialist Youth’) festival and our women are harassed we have not won.”

Sexual harassment within socialist organisations clearly is not a new problem. As Jacinda herself said many years ago, while it continues to happen inside Left-wing organisations they “have not won”.