If Australia’s rugby bosses thought they had successfully got rid of Israel Folau, they’ve had another thing coming. Not only has Izzy hit back big time with a massive lawsuit, but it looks like he’ll be back, playing Test rugby very soon.

Tongan officials have armed themselves with legal advice that suggests the NRL is powerless to prevent them selecting Israel Folau to make a shock return to rugby league in Test matches against Great Britain and Australia next month.

Folau, sacked by Rugby Australia earlier this year after a social media post declaring gays were destined to go to hell unless they repented, is understood to have spoken to his legal team in Melbourne over his ability to turn out for the Tongan rugby league side.

The NRL was scrambling on Monday night to block Folau’s comeback after being caught off guard by a press release from the Tongan National Rugby League suggesting Folau and his brother John were ready to turn out for the Tongan national team, the Mate Ma’a.

In a statement released through social media, TNRL­ chairman George Koloamatangi said the Folau brothers were set to play against Great Britain on October 26 and Australia one week later at Eden Park in Auckland.

That would surely be the sweetest revenge for Folau: to smash those who so shamefully turned their backs on him.

Australian Rugby League Commission chairman Peter Beattie and NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg have already made it clear Folau is not welcome back […] However, TNRL secretary William Edwards told The Australian on Monday night that it had consulted lawyers and been told that it was within its rights to select Folau.

Mr Edwards also said Folau had spoken to his legal team and was armed with advice that he was eligible to play for the Tongan team.

“I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to represent God, my family, my heritage and the people of Tonga,” Folau said.


Here’s hoping Folau crushes the wokescolds of the NRL on the field and in the courtroom.

Israel Folau. Photoshopped image credit Boondecker