There is a fantastic post over at Wattsupwiththat that is well worth the read. It is quite long but utterly destroys the whole AGW, climate emergency, IPCC etc scam.

A few highlights:

The unavoidable conclusion is that whatever impact CO2 emissions may have on the climate cannot have been detected in the past and cannot be detected now.

Every single model air temperature projection since 1988 (and before) is physically meaningless. Every single detection-and-attribution study since then is physically meaningless. When it comes to CO2 emissions and climate, no one knows what they’ve been talking about: not the IPCC, not Al Gore (we knew that), not even the most prominent of climate modelers, and certainly no political poser.

There is no valid physical theory of climate able to predict what CO2 emissions will do to the climate, if anything. That theory does not yet exist.

The Stefan-Boltzmann equation is not a valid theory of climate, although people who should know better evidently think otherwise including the NAS and every US scientific society. Their behavior in this is the most amazing abandonment of critical thinking in the history of science.

Absent any physically valid causal deduction, and noting that the climate has multiple rapid response channels to changes in energy flux, and noting further that the climate is exhibiting nothing untoward, one is left with no bearing at all on how much warming, if any, additional CO2 has produced or will produce.

From the perspective of physical science, it is very reasonable to conclude that any effect of CO2 emissions is beyond present resolution, and even reasonable to suppose that any possible effect may be so small as to be undetectable within natural variation. Nothing among the present climate observables is in any way unusual.

The analysis upsets the entire IPCC applecart. It eviscerates the EPA’s endangerment finding, and removes climate alarm from the US 2020 election. There is no evidence whatever that CO2 emissions have increased, are increasing, will increase, or even can increase, global average surface air temperature.

The analysis is straight-forward. It could have been done, and should have been done, 30 years ago. But was not.

There is a link to the full peer-reviewed paper along with a catalogue of the problems encountered in the author’s attempts to get the paper published.

In spite of the hours of research that has gone into this work, there is one major puzzle left for him:

Who’s going to tell the so cynically abused Greta? My imagination shies away from that picture.