By George

Isn’t it ironic that the flagship policy this year presented by this COLs, led by Ardern, was to focus on mental health and wellbeing? Hundreds of millions of dollars have been targeted to alleviate what is perceived to be the declining state of emotional stability within society, which is highlighted by the increasing number of youth suicides and anxiety-related concerns within everyday life. Yet this COL is hell-bent on creating a climate of fear and trepidation focusing largely on our youth.

In the wake of the dreadful discovery of the Canterbury University student who had died and yet was not discovered until eight weeks later, UNZ chief executive Chris Whelan had this to say.

“The increase in the declining mental health within universities is due to a of range of factors, including relentless global change.”

On Friday we witnessed mass hysteria throughout the country being exhibited by a reported 150,000 kids. Almost all were being emotionally manipulated into a state of dread, fear and terror by a political movement with an agenda. The mental stability of this generation of children is being manipulated by politicians and is reminiscent of the Hitler youth movement, a group designed to indoctrinate children into Hitler’s ideology, then send them off to war. Early Nazi leaders hoped that the organisations would serve as conduits of political mobilisation and ideological indoctrination for the young.

The inaugural Greta Thunberg lookalike competition.

It might be stretching the analogy a little, but is James Shaw NZ’s Hitler? Are those of us who refuse to buy into man-made global warming about to be exterminated by way of eco-friendly gas chambers? Seriously though, the man is whipping up a frenzy of revulsion towards those who see the idiocies of his ideology. If ever a political party was guilty of manipulating the youth of this country, it is the Green Party. They are slowly but surely sowing the seed of dread amongst our youth. So good luck with your well-being budget as you manoeuvre our young into a state of fear and trepidation. What a pack of dangerous and demented fools.


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