It sounds like something from a Hollywood science-fiction dystopia: a corporation forcing its employees to undergo sinister brainwashing in order to submit to its extremist political ideology. But this is not fantasy – this is real. And the left is cheering it on.

Qantas wants to purge its staff of bad thoughts by enrolling them on a training course conducted by the NeuroLeadership Institute, an organisation with an unsettling name that claims to remove the ­tumour of prejudice from the human brain…by using “brain-based, process-focused and outcome-driven methodologies” based on “deep neuroscience research”. The results, or “outcomes” as we are obliged to call them, will be “better decisions”. Adopting this contentious program clearly wasn’t one of them, if the mumbo-jumbo language of the promotional leaflet is an indication of the precision of thought behind it.

This is a dangerous pseudoscience, but one that is very much in vogue with the left. Just as past “progressive” fads, from eugenics to Marxism to Behaviourism, traded on the delusion that human beings can be moulded into a leftist ideal of perfection, this sinister nonsense is not just bad science, it’s downright dangerous.

Biological determinism is again in vogue, underpinning the new “science” of intersectionality…the ferocity with which proponents of intersectionality defend this betrays the significance of ­biological determinism to their thinking.

This is the danger and self-contradiction of the psuedoscience of “unconscious bias”. If a bias is “unconscious”, then, by definition, it cannot be consciously controlled. What Qantas is espousing is nothing more nor less than old-fashioned brainwashing. What was once the preserve of dodgy religious cults and malevolent Communist spy agencies, is now the happy hunting ground of “woke” corporations.

The movement of the muddle-headed has not stopped at the university gates. Marxist contagion is present to a greater or lesser extent in every corporate bureaucracy.

The Qantas HR department, one suspects, is not rich on people who fly or service planes. Forgive our unconscious bias for a ­moment, but it probably has its fair share of graduate inductees with subprime degrees in novel branches of science or sustainability studies.

I’d doubt even that much. I’d lay London to a brick that its HR department is solely staffed by Communications and Gender Studies graduates.

But, consider what is happening here, for just a moment.

A corporation is openly stating that it intends to try and control the unconscious minds of its employees. Read that sentence again. Let it sink in.

Like the idiots dressing as characters from Margaret Atwood’s silly feminist taraddidle, The Handmaid’s Tale, the left, en masse, donned Guy Fawkes masks to emulate the hero of V for Vendetta. This is the dystopian tale of an authoritarian state and its propaganda network attempting to crush an “enemy of the state”.

Yet, exactly that has been happening right in front of their eyes, in Britain, with the relentless campaign against Tommy Robinson. Did the Guy Fawkes-mask left protest? On the contrary, they bleated their approval.

Now watch the same morons who babble about “corporations” cheer-squad a sinister corporation, as it seeks to emulate The Manchurian Candidate.


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