Once again, Pauline Hanson is being pilloried by the left-media for daring to tell the truth.

When Hanson remarked, in relation to an impending Senate inquiry into family law, that – shock! – sometimes women tell lies, the left-media went into meltdown. Again. The usual leftist yakking heads shuttled back-and-forth around the usual roster of leftist media to screech and howl in fury.

The only problem is – Hanson is 100% right.

In 2013 the Sydney Morning Herald published a piece entitled, “False abuse claims are the new court weapon, retiring judge says”. Outgoing Family Court justice David Collier said allegations of child sexual abuse were being invented by mothers to stop fathers from seeing their children.

Even her attackers concede, backhandedly, that she’s actually right.

Batty slammed Hanson saying her remarks were “incredibly damaging”. Yet, she added, “Obviously there are some women who do abuse the system.”

In other words: shut up and don’t speak truth to the power of the feminist lobby.

Several studies have underlined the problems around vexatious claims being taken to court, and found that some violence prevention orders are sought as a tactic to prevent their former partner’s being involved in their children’s lives. The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) research from 2016 found that the majority of magistrates indicated they’d dealt with vexatious APVOs.

Magistrates will also talk about the issue of cross APVO applications, which underlines the fact that someone is often lying.

Anyone claiming that false allegations don’t exist may like to look at the actual evidence rather be blinded by this ridiculous religion of feminist ideology.

Anyone who says that women never lie is a textbook sexist. This claim underscores that too much of feminism today has nothing to do with equality, and everything to do with a hateful, anti-male obsession.

The family law court process is causing an ocean of pain and ruining lives […]Perhaps they could have raised a case from the UK where a man had 61 false allegations made against him before his ex-wife finally admitted on the stand that she had made it all up?

Or the case of a man from Melbourne who had 51 DVOs placed on him by a vicious ex which he had to find the strength to fight. One accusation was physically impossible as he was out of the country at the time his ex claimed he had stalked her, and he was in hospital in a coma at the time of another.

Perhaps they could have asked why perjury is not applicable in the family court?

[…]There are many very valid questions to be asked – and that is precisely why an inquiry is important.


The last thing the anti-male activists want to do is answer valid questions. Far easier to just scream and shout at a woman who has the temerity to refuse to be silenced by the “sisterhood”.


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