By Blueburd

Being a Kiwi/New Zealander means appreciating what was here before. I really enjoy the Maori culture and customs. I’m happy to learn some of the language but I do not want to be forced to learn it. I love the haka, all haka’s in fact as they are so powerful and I find them quite spiritual as well.

So here is where things can get messy. I’m white… Scottish Irish white but best of all I’m a Kiwi/New Zealander. I wasn’t here when Cook landed, I wasn’t here when the first ships came to New Zealand, but I understand that at that time in history, what happened was the norm. If it wasn’t Cook, it would have been someone else, the French or the Spanish, but most definitely someone else, rightly or wrongly. So why is their angst about celebrating a ship arriving on these shores 250yrs ago?

I will also add that there are no 100% Maori left. The vast majority have white blood in them, most likely the same as I do. So if I am looking at this right, the ones who are so greatly upset about this celebration wouldn’t actually be here today if those first ship hadn’t arrived. They wouldn’t be who they are.

This leads me to all this talk about colonization. Again, without it, those deeply offended by it wouldn’t exist. They wouldn’t be who they are today. Now today, I’m no fan of colonization as it’s being foisted upon us via the UN. The thing about history is we learn from it but we can’t change it. Yes in 2019, landing in a country and forcibly taking chunks and then some for yourself off others is just wrong, but 250yrs ago it was the norm the world over. Thank God we have learnt from it.

Lastly, why is it that because I’m white and a Kiwi/New Zealander, some feel I represent Colonialism? There was a time when Maori attacked, killed and ate members of other tribes, but I don’t see them like this today. I see them as having a beautiful culture that I am proud to be a part of. So please, please learn from history, learn that it was a different time. Learn that they had different ways of doing things and be proud that we have evolved to a great people of the world who are proud of our country. And by all means celebrate your ancestors.

A Maori man & Joseph Banks exchange a crayfish for a piece of cloth. 1769


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