After her virtue signalling “Christchurch Call” Jacinda Ardern is desperate to claim that she has actually achieved something. Media report that she has been “snubbed” twice now by Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg who didn’t think her important enough to warrant a meeting with him, instead sending his second-in-charge Sheryl Sandberg on both occasions.

As an PM who seems to think that setting up working groups is taking action and that making an announcement that she is going to set up a working group is taking action, I was not at all surprised to read what “action” she considers Facebook to have taken.

suspense announcement GIF by Paul McCartney

“For me, whether or not you’re physically in attendance is not a demonstration of whether or not you’re engaged. For me, it’s actually what’s done,” […]

And Facebook has done something: announcing a crackdown on extremism.

coffee lol GIF

Joking aside, this announcement from Facebook is not at all what it might seem. To start with you have to ask yourself what is completely missing from their announcement.

  1. Real-life first-person shooter footage to train its artificial intelligence…CHECK
  2. Algorithm changes so anyone searching for “extremist content” will be redirected to de-radicalisation sites… CHECK
  3. Expanded the definitions of terrorism… CHECK
  4. Banned 200 white supremacist organisations so far… CHECK

Um, is it just me or is there something glaringly obvious missing from this action plan?


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