James Shaw took advantage of the economic havoc wreaked upon Saudi Arabia to tweet about the evils of oil.

Oil is unreliable, erratic and volatile. We should not be relying on it for fuel.

This is one of the many reasons why it is critical that we diversify our transport options; so that they are clean, green, and not derailed by overseas conflict.


As we all know, the wind blows at a steady, usable, velocity at all times and is a reliable source of energy for wind turbines. Yeah/Nah.

And, the sun shines upon our solar panels uninterrupted by clouds (or nighttime) allowing a steady and reliable generation of electricity. Oops, no.

If we did not want our energy supplies to be disrupted by overseas conflict we could always exploit our own oil and gas reserves here in New Zealand. Oh, wait – Captain’s Call.

Oil has many sources around the world with no one supplier having a monopoly. Unlike the rare earths used in electric motors for EVs and in generators for wind turbines, which are largely controlled by China.

And mining cobalt and lithium etc is such a ‘clean’, ‘green’ enterprise, isn’t it James? After killing off all mineral exploitation in New Zealand, the Greens want us to increase the mining of minerals in other, less developed, countries.

Let’s not mention the child exploitation that occurs to get the batteries produced for the EVs, shall we?

Fortunately, Trump has had a part to play in turning the US into an exporter rather than just a consumer of petrochemicals, otherwise the price shock for us could be worse.

And we haven’t even touched on the end-of-life issues for wind turbines, solar panels and EV batteries.

The Greens are unreliable, erratic and volatile. We should not be relying on them for Government.

Photoshopped image credit Boondecker


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