How long will it take before Trump, the devil incarnate, is raised to sainthood, and perhaps becomes deified?

In light of the Saudi oil, drone attacks Trump’s drive to make the US energy independent will protect them from a probable oil shock. He’s worked on building the business base, steel industry and farming. In other words a strong, diversified base.

In the meantime, our panjandrum (WOTD) PTPM is about to sally forth on another round of photoshoots, with her accessory baby. The comparison between the two could not be starker. On the one hand, Trump has laboured unceasingly to make his country energy independent. On the other we have the photoshoot girl making a so-called Captains call to shut down energy exploration locally. She’s worked at weakening business and our farmers and has moved New Zealand towards the oft failed socialist model. In other words, a failing control economy.

Once the shock happens and we have service station queues and the Americans have business as usual, who will be deified, and who will be cursed?

Perhaps the PTPM will surprise us by staying home and putting her admitted slight intellect to work making sure we weather the downstream effects of the Saudi attacks, and eschew the flash bulbs and ego stroking available overseas.

No, I didn’t think so either! “Hi ho, hi ho. It’s off to ego I go!”

And that got me thinking.

‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man.’

In the Bible, John 4:23 has ‘But the hour cometh, and now is’ and there is an English proverb ‘Opportunity makes the man’ (though originally, in the fourteenth century, it was ‘makes the thief’), but when did the phrases come together? Harriet Martineau entitled her biography of Toussaint L’Ouverture , The Hour and the Man. An American, William Yancey, said about Jefferson Davis, President-elect of the Confederacy in 1861: ‘The man and the hour have met’, which says the same thing in a different way. P.G. Wodehouse in Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen has: ‘And the hour … produced the man.’

Will a hero appear in New Zealand? Or has our electoral system guaranteed this can’t happen?


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