In General Debate on Sunday Mick le said:

[…] She didn’t fire Haworth; he resigned. In fact, she has never fired anyone: they have either resigned or been moved aside. And there have been many scandals and sackable offences over the last 24months of the CoLs tenure.
What if Jacinda really isn’t the Leader of the Labour Party and really is only the “Face”? This would explain why she is completely useless and powerless. […]


Thumbing randomly through Facebook the other night, as you do, I came across Ardern’s Maiden Speech to parliament. To save your time and sanity here is the Hansard transcript of two interesting bits.

JACINDA ARDERN (Labour): Mr Assistant Speaker, I am honoured to stand in this House today, and I join my colleagues who have gone before me in congratulating you on your election as Assistant Speaker. Maiden statements are a bit like words spoken in a heated argument; like it or not, they will come back to haunt one. Today I will share with members the words that I wish to haunt me: my values and beliefs, and the things that have brought me here. I do so in the hope that should I ever abandon them, I will have the good grace to leave.

Around the five-minute mark we have this gem:

Morrinsville College was also the place where I experienced my first election, campaigning on the weighty electoral issue that girls should be allowed to wear trousers to school. I was elected to the Morrinsville College board of trustees and was subsequently appointed to the suspension committee as the student representative. It was tough. I sat face to face with my peers who were facing removal from the education system. Although I had no qualms about handing down punishment to those students who were bullies in our school, I also saw many come before us who quite clearly had no emotional or financial support from their families, from their caregivers, or from their community


So, among the “values and beliefs, and the things that have brought” Ardern to parliament was the experience of handing down punishment to those who deserved it. Ardern has told us that she would never lie in politics and had never lied so that must include her maiden speech.

We must thus believe her about her strength of character and fortitude when it comes to punishing those who have infringed. However, the last week has revealed a huge failure to be so resolute in such matters.

Therefore we must take comfort in the fact that Ardern (who never lies) has told us what she expects of herself in such a situation.

I do so in the hope that should I ever abandon them, I will have the good grace to leave.

Oh … look! The porcine aviators outside my window just did a full barrel roll at the end of a stall climb, all without breaking formation. Got to go and watch some more …


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