After a few years hiatus the Viaje C-4 has returned this year but it’s a little different than ever before.

It’s always been a good cigar but I have to say that the changes for 2019 make me damn excited to smoke this stick!

First major change is the factory. The 2019 version has been produced in Nicaragua at Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (TABSA) in Estelí whereas the past versions were produced at PDR Cigars in the Dominican Republic.

Additionally and the part I’m excited about the most is that this year the C-4 is featuring a Nicaraguan corojo maduro leaf wrapper as opposed to the Connecticut broad-leaf wrappers used previously.

Let’s take a look at this stick.

Line C-4
Size5×56 Box Pressed
WrapperNica Corojo Maduro

This is an outstanding looking cigar, a very square box press with a slightly closed foot making it look almost symmetrical. It packs a bit of weight for its size and feels super solid to touch. I get the feeling this might be a longer smoke than originally thought!

ConstructionFlawless! 10/10
DrawPerfect! 10/10
StrengthMid-Full – 77%
FlavourSweet, caramel, natural and leather

Construction & Burn

This thing is a tank! Perfect construction and dense like C-4 should be. I thought the density would hinder the burn and draw but nope! Outstanding  


Perfect draw start to finish. 

Flavour & Complexity

Flavour-wise I got some nice sweetness and caramel throughout with hints of spice, natural tobacco and leather. 


This is the best C-4 to date. And they have always been great cigars. I give this a 91 points. 

Get yourself one before they are gone!