Today’s Sledge of the day goes to Winston Peters for his cutting theory on why Paula Bennett won’t seek re-election at Upper Harbour.

“This decision is so that the National Party can axe her prior to coalition negotiations in 2020, after they’ve realised that Vernon Tava and his planned Sustainable New Zealand Party is a headless chook.”

Ouch! But that was not all he had to say.

Amateur hour” is the description Winston Peters has given to National MP Paula Bennett’s decision not to seek re-election in her Upper Harbour electorate in 2020.

[…] “What qualifications to run a campaign has she got? During most of the campaign management in 2017, she hardly covered herself in glory,”


Yep, he makes a good point. Paula Bennett was part of the team that failed to negotiate a deal in 2017 with NZ First despite having the largest majority. What makes the National Party think that she can do better this time when numbers will be even closer? Peters won’t deal with her because he believes she is the leaker. If National does end up negotiating once again with NZ First she will be far from an asset.

Like Winston, I think that National’s made to order Blue-Green party is a forlorn hope. The most sensible and realistic coalition partners for National are ACT and the New Conservatives.