Primary producers are well-acquainted with the yawning gap between the catastrophist fantasies of insular, thoroughly urbanised watermelons and the reality of actually living and working with the natural world. Farmers, perhaps more than anyone, are aware that they stand to be forced to endure the cost and disruption of the Greens’ deranged policies. Dairy farmers, in particular, are facing the decimation of their livelihoods by almond-fussing ignoramuses.

Like Marie Antoinette and her ladies-in-waiting playing at milkmaids at Hameau de la Reine, her exquisitely-constructed fantasy of rural arcadia at Versailles, the watermelons nurse their delusions about “the environment” in splendid isolation from the actual natural world. Greens are almost exclusively wealthy, high-caste elites firmly ensconced in inner-city luxury. “Nature” is something they see David Attenborough talk about on the telly, or from the plane windows on their endless, carbon-spewing holidays, or that they might, perhaps, swan through on a carefully-curated flash-packing adventure.

So, when the world’s whitest Indian, Elizabeth Warren, actually deigned to sully her Jimmy Choos and alight in flyover country, and grace those awful “deplorables” with her presence, the result was a culture clash that for once rendered the wealthy socialist speechless.

An Iowa farmer confronted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) over her support of the Green New Deal, explaining that he takes issue with the plan’s intent to eliminate cows, to which Warren replied with a hesitant, “Eh.”

The GOP War Room published a video Thursday, showing an Iowa farmer having a discussion with the presidential hopeful and explaining why he disagrees with the Green New Deal’s outline, which laments the existence of cows.

“You know, the Green New Deal says we need to get rid of cows,” he said, with Warren letting out an audible, “Eh.”

So, there you go, farmers: the socialist greens’ policies are going to destroy your livelihoods, not to mention enact a species-wide genocide (those cows are going to kill themselves, after all)?


He continued:

I don’t agree with that because well-managed grassland where you rotationally graze – you know all these paddocks like that system there has about eight different paddocks – you’re actually going to use more CO2 and sequester more carbon because of the regrowth all the time, and yet you know that’s a permanent pasture.

Uh, deniers and their stupid facts. How dare this bumpkin presume to think that he knows more about land management than a multimillionaire Harvard law professor?

Warren did not say anything during the farmer’s explanation, nodding her head and adding an occasional “uh-huh.” It seems the farmer was focusing on cows from a land management standpoint, while the Green New Deal’s outline specifically takes aim at the biological reality of cow flatulence and the impact that has on the environment.

Which is bugger-all, compared to the destructive flatulence of ignorant green socialists.