If asked I would say that I’m a fan of Oscar Valladares cigars but now that I think about it this might only be the 3rd blend I’ve actually smoked… I love the leaf and have smoked many of them and cosmetically this has many similarities to the leaf.. let’s see how it stacks up.

BrandOscar Valladares
Size Robusto
WrapperEcuadorian Habano

So a little bit unknown with this stick but that’s not uncommon really, this blend using the Habano wrapper got 90 points in Cigar Aficionadoso I’m expecting fairly good things.

Complexity 9/10
Flavour 9/10


This is a medium cigar, it’s not going to blow you away strength wise but I feel that that is perfect for this particular stick. It allows you to really grasp the smoothness and complexity of it.

Construction and Burn

Near flawless in construction, the wrapper is a nice even colour with a minimal stork. The burn isn’t perfect but also didn’t have any major failings, slightly to one side but hey, it’s the middle of winter here and it’s only about 4degs out.

Flavour and Complexity 

Here is where things get interesting… there is some real uniqueness to this stick. it’s smooth and very easy smoking, it takes you on a bit of a journey, especially in the flavours which range from wood to coffee to beef all the while with a nice sweetness and hint of cinnamon. It’s deep and complex far beyond its strength. Really a pleasure to smoke.


You won’t be left wanting with this cigar, the draw is perfect!


It’s safe to say that this stick has strengthened my love of Oscar Valladares Cigars, one of the best cigars I have had in a while and very much one you should try.