Self-identification, an idée fixe with trans activists, is the idea that anyone can legally change their sex on a whim. No surgery, no psychiatric evaluation: nothing but a simple form to fill in, and voilà, any man is legally a woman, with legally protected access to women’s spaces like change rooms, showers and shelters. Despite the more-than-obvious danger inherent in such a gross violation of women’s right to privacy, trans activists insist that it is unthinkable that perverts would weaponise such laws. Anyone saying anything to the contrary is hysterically denounced as a “transphobe”.

It’s just a pity that the perverts just keep falling out of the transgender tree. Drag queens with child sex convictions reading stories to young children, child drag queens dancing in gay bars for money and hanging out with convicted drug dealer/murderers, ought to have been enough. Then along comes Jonathan/“Jessica” “wax my balls” Yaniv.

Yaniv, a transgender person, has recently come under fire for a series of controversial human rights tribunal suits [they] have filed against 16 BC estheticians, alleging discrimination for refusing to provide services to Yaniv’s male genitals.

We’ve already reported on Yaniv’s oleaginous creepiness, including his obsession with young girls’ menstrual habits and his attempt to force a Canadian town council to host a topless pool party for 12-to-24-year-olds with no parents allowed.

It gets creepier.

In the aftermath of [Jessica] Rumpel’s bravery, two new victims have come forward, and, as unbelievable as it might be, their intersecting stories are even more shocking.

Twenty-year-old Ashley Smith of Ontario, whose name is being altered due to trauma and for the protection of her work and family, says she was victimized when, like Rumpel, she was a teen.

Ashley was just 14.

Cimorelli is an American, family, all-girl pop group. Yaniv apparently set up a Facebook fan page for the group and proceeded to falsely pass himself off as the band’s manager, in order to win the trust of teenage girls. Sound like grooming? As Steve Crowder says, “try to view this story through the eyes of someone young, inexperienced, and hoping to get closer to a group of people they admire: Cimorelli”.

Yaniv used his fake celebrity to bully girl fans of the group and play them off against one another – again, classic grooming behaviour.

“[Yaniv] was really strategic. [He] knew that fans of this band would jump on any opportunity to try and meet them or get close with them. That’s exactly what I wanted.” [Ashley] explains, “Yaniv had me wrapped around their finger”…What seemed to start out innocuous, took a very, very dark turn.

How dark? For starters, Yaniv used his status to encourage other Cimorelli fans to bully girls he had taken a disliking to. But that was just the start. Yaniv also indulged his obsession with young girls and menstruation, and then tried to show teenage girls child porn.

Like with Rumpel, Yaniv also sent Smith disturbing messages centred around menstruation…[asking] for advice on how to get feminine hygiene products from girls, what kinds of girls to ask, and whether or not to hang around outside of girls’ washrooms.

In this message, Yaniv admits to opening child pornography and tells the young girl, asking her “wanna see?”

Is your skin crawling yet?

The worst of all this is that it was so damn predictable. Yet anyone who dares say so is hysterically attacked by the transgender lobby and their leftist enablers.

Our biggest fear with the pushing of the transgender agenda was exactly this: a creep posing as a transperson to gain access to our sons and daughters. We knew this was going to happen eventually. We knew rights of women would be violated. We knew children would be put at risk, with the state standing back and allowing it to happen.

It’s probably too much to hope that, one day, the activists, academics, specialists and politicians who foisted this dangerous ideology on a generation of impressionable young victims will be held to account.


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