100% plant-based mince is now available in New Zealand supermarkets. The new product made by The Craft Meat Company is called? ‘No Meat Mince’ and is perfect for vegans and vegetarians alike as well as those who want to cut down on how much delicious red meat they consume every week.

No Meat Mince’s key ingredients are mushrooms, tomato, almond, coconut oil and soy protein.

We at The Whale Meat Company believe that your meat should eat the vegetables so that you don’t have to.

This means that our Whale Meat mince is made 100% from genuine vegetarians!

We invite you to try our All Meat Mince which is perfect for carnivores and omnivores everywhere.

Our All Meat Mince’s key ingredients are meat, meat, meat and meat plus our secret ingredient which is love because boy, do we LOVE meat.