Map created by?CashNetUSA?

The map above shows the most famous mythical creature or animal in each US state. It was created as a new?bestiary, literally a compendium of beasts, for the United States.
Here is a list of mythical creatures by state:

Alabama ? White Thang
Alaska ? Tizheruk
Arizona ? Mogollon Monster
Arkansas ? Fouke Monster
California ? Tahoe Tessie
Colorado ? Slide-Rock Bolter
Connecticut ? Melon Heads
Delaware ? Zwaanendael Merman
Florida ? Skunk Ape
Georgia ? Altamaha-ha
Hawaii ? Menehune
Idaho ? Sharlie
Indiana ? Beast of Busco
Illinois ? The Enfield Horror
Iowa ? Van Meter Monster
Kansas ? Sink Hole Sam
Kentucky ? The Kelly Little Green Men
Louisiana ? Rougarou
Maine ? Specter Moose
Maryland ? Chessie
Massachusetts ? Dover Demon
Michigan ? The Michigan Dogman
Minnesota ? Wendigo
Mississippi ? Pascagoula River Aliens
Missouri ? Momo
Montana ? Shunka Warak?in
Nebraska ? Alkali Lake Monster
Nevada ? Tahoe Tessie
New Hampshire ? Wood Devils
New Jersey ? Jersey Devil
New Mexico ? Teratorns
New York ? Champ/Champy
North Carolina ? The Beast of Bladenboro
North Dakota ? Thunderbird
Ohio ? Loveland Frogmen
Oklahoma ? Oklahoma Octopus
Oregon ? Colossal Claude
Pennsylvania ? The Squonk
Rhode Island ? Vampire Mercy Brown
South Carolina ? Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp
South Dakota ? Taku-He
Tennessee ? Tennessee Wildman
Texas ? Chupacabra
Utah ? Bear Lake Monster
Vermont ? Northfield Pigman
Virginia ? Snallygaster
Washington ? Bigfoot
West Virginia ? Mothman
Wisconsin ? The Beast of Bray Road
Wyoming ? Jackalope



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