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The official data by Statistics NZ on child poverty have been released, and they reveal that seven of the nine measures of child poverty decreased under National. It also shows that on seven of the measures it increased in Labour’s first year.

Ooops, this was one of Jacinda Ardern’s big election promises. How embarrassing that her government has done the opposite of what she had promised. The only thing she can use in her defence is to point out that even Statistics NZ admit that their “baselines estimates” must be used with “caution”. quote.

[…]?Together the nine measures reported in today?s release provide a comprehensive picture of child poverty in New Zealand […]

[…]?In the meantime, we used additional data sources and methodologies to produce estimates for the year ended June 2018 that are as robust as possible,? Mr Attewell said.
?This ensures that the baseline estimates released today are robust enough to be used by Government for setting 3- and 10-year targets for reduction of child poverty for three primary measures specified in the Act.?
[…] the estimates should be used with caution. end quote.

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